What is an ADA MINION?

ADA MINION is a worker robot that cleaned up the mess on the moon left by humans. Later on, headed back to earth just to get impacted by an asteroid, lose its memory, and create a new unique personality… How is your day doing? :p

How much does it cost?

35 ADA per ADA MINION se01
75 ADA per ADA MINION se02

What can I do with an ADA MINION?

The first series will hold privileges to the next coming series. Like ‘whitelisting’ and project perks. See Roadmap

Can I choose my ADA MINION?

Unfortunately, you can’t at this time. But we can bring you into contact with the person who might draw your fav ADA MINION and let you trade for it?
Otherwise on the secondary market…

Which wallets can I use?

Please only use wallets that support Cardano NFT, such as Yoroi, Daedalus, or Nami wallets.
if you don’t want to lose your ADA, DO NOT send your ADA through centralized exchanges (CEX) such as Binance

What is the total supply?

se01: 2500
se02: 500