I’m Philip Denys and I’m a javascript dev based in Belgium.
I’ve worked at different marketing agencies as a developer/multimedia specialist. So I know my way around the different adobe platforms like Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash (back in the day :D), Premiere, After-effects, and more.

I’ve been playing with the BTC back in 2014, but only in FEB of 2021 started to go all-in on Cardano. I heard about NFTs and started to do some more research. All of the technical sides were actually a bit easier to pick up due to my background.

In all of the segments of the project, I have started it all on my own.
(have a small team now, but we are still working on scaling)

I came up with a small worker bot and initially named it ADA BOT(S)(had to change this working title because another project was already called that way.) Without sketching it on paper I drew out a baby body-looking robot and started to play with the idea of the personality of each individual bot and came up with a ‘terminal-as-face’ design. (even robots need to express themselves I guess)

I wanted to add multiple features to this artwork, then it would end up completely finished in 2023 :p This will eventually be in the next editions of the artwork.

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