The year is 2055, the ADA MINIONS were sent into space by the Cardano Foundation to save the moon… 

A big part of humanity has been shooting for the moon and buying Lambos. Space travel has become mainstream. The richest men on earth have launched thousands of rockets around the earth and landed on the moon.

Space junk has become a nuisance and a lot of space debris is covering the orbit around and on the moon. This is preventing the sun to reflect off the moon and shine on the earth.

It’s been a few years since humanity has seen the moon. 

the ADA MINIONS have successfully removed the debris and were on their way back to earth

until their ship got hit by an asteroid and this caused the ADA MINIONS to malfunction and reboot, but their memory got damaged

they are scattered all over the surface of the earth, lost and disoriented …

There is one node that needs to sync to all of them (aka the alpha block)

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